Play with the mist


The operating philosophy of the band shall be to operate on a sound financial basis as a cost and profit-sharing operation, for the following purposes:

  • The preservation of the traditions of Scottish Highland music; and
  • The promotion and improvement of the performance of Scottish Highland music as played on the Great Highland Bagpipes and Drums.

Who we are

The Highland Mist Pipe Band is a community pipe and drum band that is based in Kanata, Ontario. The band participates in a large number of parades and events in the local community and the surrounding region and beyond.  In addition to its parade activities the band also provides group-based instruction in a relaxed and supportive student-oriented teaching style.

Since 2001 the band has enjoyed a close relationship with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #638 in Kanata, Ontario.  We thank the Legion and its members for being such strong and encouraging supporters of the band.


Our Colorful Tartan…


We proudly wear the Ancient Caledonia Tartan, one of Scotland’s oldest!

This Tartan was popular in the 18th Century. One claim is that it is a contemporary of the Jacobite Tartan and holds that it was also worn as a protest against the Union of (English and Scottish) Parliaments in 1707. There are several variations of this strikingly colourful Tartan.  Slight differences in shading were common in centuries past, as often the vegetable dies used to colour the yarn varied, depending upon both the season of the year and the geographical location.  The Caledonia (and Jacobite) Tartans were considered to be “general” tartans and often worn by “clan-less” Scots. Today’s colourful designs have been stabilized following introduction of chemical dies over the past century.

(ref: Bain’s Clans and Tartans of Scotland, c.1938 and later editions ISBN 0 00636416 0 and Scottish Clans & Tartans by Ian Grimble, 1973. ISBN 0 517 54827 5)

Our Logo



The Highland Mist logo was designed by Piper Arthur French.




Interested in playing with the Mist??

If you are interested in joining the band, or if you wish to book the Highland Mist Pipe Band for an event, please contact the Pipe Major, Brenda Grant, at either 613-863-4051 or 613-832-4127, or email the Band at info@highlandmist.ca